Valid Rules of the Association 17.10.2022 

Name of the association: Helping Horse Ry 
Home: Helsinki


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Purpose and quality of operation

The purpose of the association is to awaken and maintain the horse hobby, promote and support horse hobby activities and charity activities.

To fulfill its purpose, the association: 
can organice courses training and teaching and events related to those - can organize competitions, performances, trips, camps, and other events - can organize celebrations, concerts, performances, shows or other occasions - can maintain associations electronic communication channels - can publish associations announcements and other communications  in different channels - offers advices and guides to it members - participates in public debate in matters related to the field - can gather and share information and carry out research activities - can bring members together to joint activities and maintain connections with other associations related to field - maintain a performing group consisting of its members - can organize trips related to the purpose of the association to its members - can participate in the direct competition costs of it`s members - can acquire necessary materials and tools for the association to use - strives to organize the facilities that the members of the association can use - can make presentation and initiative to increase hobby opportunities - and make presentations, initiatives and explanations and give statements to other communities and authorities - works in cooperation authorities, organizations, companies and with private individuals - in order to support its activities the association can, after acquiring necessary official permit:

works together with other horse enthusiasts and maintains connections with other associations and professionals. 
In order to support its activities, the association can, after obtaining the relevant permit if necessary: 
accepts grants, donations and bequests, organizes collections, sales and raffles, 
owns fixed and movable assets necessary for its operations.


A person who accepts the purpose of the association can be accepted as a full member of the association. A private person or a legal entity that wants to support the purpose and operation of the association can be accepted as a beneficial member. Full members and supporting members are approved by the board of the association upon application. A person who has significantly promoted and supported the association's activities can be invited as an honorary chairman or an honorary member at the board's proposal at the association's meeting.

Obligations of members 
The member is obliged to pay membership fees and other activity-related fees. 
Follows stable rules, good manners and general safety rules. Handle horses according to instructions. The annual meeting decides on the amount of the joining fee and the annual membership fee to be collected from regular members and paying members separately for each group of members. The honorary chairman and honorary members do not pay membership fees.


The association's affairs are managed by the board, which includes the chairman elected at the annual meeting and 2-4 other full members and 0-2 alternate members. The term of office of the board is the period between annual meetings. The board elects a vice-chairman from among its members and hires a secretary, treasurer and other necessary officials from among its members or from outside. The board meets at the invitation of the chairman or, in his absence, the vice-chairman, when they deem it necessary or when at least half of the board members demand it. The board has a quorum when at least half of its members, including the chairman or vice chairman, are present. Votes are decided by an absolute majority. In the event of a tie, the chairman's vote will decide, but in elections, the lottery will be held.

Writing the name of the association 
The name of the association is written by the chairman of the board or two board members together.

Accounting period

The association's accounting period is a calendar year.

Association meetings

The meeting of the association can also be attended by e-mail or with the help of a telecommunications connection or other technical aid during or before the meeting, if the board of directors or the association's meeting so decides. The association's annual meeting is held every year on a date determined by the board in January-May. At the association's meetings, each full member, honorary chairman and honorary member has one vote. A supporting member has the right to attend and speak at the meeting. Unless otherwise specified in the rules, the decision of the association's meeting shall be the opinion supported by more than half of the votes cast. In the event of a tie, the chairman's vote will decide, but in elections, the lottery will be held.

Convening the association's meetings

The board must call the association's meetings at least seven days before the meeting by e-mail to the members.

Annual meeting

The following matters will be discussed at the association's annual meeting: 

  1. opening of the meeting
  2. the chairman of the meeting, the secretary, two auditors of the minutes and, if necessary, two tellers are elected.
  3. state the legality and quorum of the meeting
  4. the agenda of the meeting is approved
  5. financial statements, annual report and statement of operational inspectors/auditors are presented
  6. it is decided on the confirmation of the financial statements and the granting of discharge from liability to the board of directors and other responsible parties
  7. confirm the action plan, income and expenditure estimate and the amounts of joining and membership fees
  8. the chairman of the board and other members are elected
  9. one or two auditors and deputy auditors or one or two auditors and deputy auditors are elected
  10. other matters mentioned in the meeting invitation are discussed. If a member of the association wants to have a matter discussed at the association's annual meeting, he must notify the board in writing in good time so that the matter can be included in the meeting notice.

Changing the rules and dissolving the association

The decision to change the rules and dissolve the association must be made by a majority of at least three-fourths (3/4) of the votes cast at the association's meeting. The meeting invitation must mention changing the rules or dissolving the association. When the association is dissolved, the association's funds are used to promote the purpose of the association in the manner determined by the meeting deciding on the dissolution. when the association becomes liquidated, its assets are used for the same purpose.