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The purpose of our organization is to awaken and support a passion for horses, as well as to give low-income social groups the opportunity to experience horse riding and communication with a horse.

Active membership gives you rights to participate in horse's life in all ways, and to get realistic experience of horse owning. 

You decide what you do:


We are not a riding school, we are a family hobby club.

We make accent on stable, continuous relationships between a human and the horse. We pay a lot of attention to horse care and ground work and every our member get to learn it. 

As long as horse's maintenance is expensive, doing it together, we give a really wealthy life to a horse and the horse pays it back with his trust and enthusiasm.

 Stable financial base gives us possibility to provide horse experience for low-income society groups and to develop new, progressive approaches to horse's usage.

We do not get any profit from our activities and do not receive subsidies. The organization is made for public benefit, and we do not pay taxes.  We do not receive salaries and all our workers are volunteers, so we try to help and teach each other on our own.  Of course, we help newcomers much more, but we expect them to join our social life sooner or later.

We don't pay any insurances.  So we expect from you, our adult members, that you are responsible people, and take that responsibility for yourself, for the horse and its tacks, both morally and financially.  We hope that you use common sense and ask if something is not clear. We will gladly provide you with all the information.

We try to give our members as much freedom and variety in their choice of activities with the horse as possible.

We expect from you a responsible choice of these activities and the distribution of the workload on the horse.  If there is at least some opportunity to come on weekdays, please do so.

 You take care of a horse as your own, and he trusts you, as his owner.

Owning a horse includes grooming, exercising, medicating, training, building relationships, taking care of his tacks, bookkeeping, understanding the entire life cycle of the horse, and cooperating with other people.

And we teach you all this, not just horse riding!

Advantages of being our member:


200€ - joining fee

200€ - year membership fee

80€ / ~ 2 hours - an individual lesson 

40€ / ~ 2 hours - rent a horse for independent riding

40€ / ~1 hour - walking riding on a leash  with an instructor/experienced member *         

* All activities include safety instructions, horse-handling and horse-care rules, and other important information. 



About Membership

The first payment - the joining fee, gives you a passive membership (without the voting right).

The second - is the annual payment, which gives you an active membership for this year, (voting right on this year's annual meeting)

Next payments - supportive payments, if you want to participate in horse's maintenance.*

*You can stop your membership at any time by sending us an email 




Veronika Fridland, Helsinki          

I am a horse riding instructor, I like to teach beginners, take care of horses, and ride in maasto.          
I also like to grow greens on kasvimaa and fix my old car.          

Juha Rautalin, Sipoo          

I work in the field of education and study social pedagogics. With horses, I like to do groundwork, jump small fences, and cross-country.          
Sports like hiking, skating, skiing, and swimming are also among my hobbies.


Anastasia Sotnikova, Kerava          

I am a B2B marketing professional. I care about horse well-being and riding responsibly.          
In equine discipline, I’m interested in dressage, natural horsemanship, and hacking out. I also love gardening, arts, and extreme sports.




Email: helpinghorsery@gmail.com

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/helpinghorsery/ 

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/2289013284609027/ 



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